Saturday, May 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Harrison and Lydia

This afternoon we went to Imagination Avenue in Phoenix to celebrate the 3rd birthday of Harrison and Lydia Rhodes. The theme was The DinoTrain and was complete with both and dinosaur and train cake created with love by their mommy, Vicki! I don't like to bake and she doesn't like to cook, so we joke that together we would make the perfect wife! The kids had a blast playing with all the vignettes. Oddly enough, the boys couldn't get enough of the babies and strollers and the girls were very adept with drills and screwdrivers!(Note the (very dark) picture of London and Jack on the stairs. Jack holding the baby and London with the screwdriver! Ahhh...the times they are a changin'!) After pizza, cake and lots of joyous fun, it was time to go home for a much needed nap!

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