Monday, May 26, 2008

Life is a Walk in the Park!

To celebrate Memorial Day, we headed to the park to fly our kite and remote control airplane. Jack was especially excited, but had a couple meltdowns when Daddy tried to help him fly it. He is so independent that it borders on craziness somedays. After we grew tired of flying the kite, Jack got to ride a boat and take a train ride around the park! It was such a beautiful day! I felt like God was smiling on us. What a gift it is to have an 80 degree day in Arizona in May. Jack flew his airplane into a pine tree, so Bryan felt the need to climb the tree to get it down. I was not super pleased, but he kept insisting that it was a $30 plane that needed to be retrieved. I was of the mindframe that $30 plane wasn't worth a trip to the hospital!! Boy, I am such a MOM! Bryan took some lovely pics of Jack and me today, so I thought I would share since they are a rarity. After our trip to the park, we went to San Tan Flats. It's a cowboy restaurant outside of town with music and dancing. They had campfire pits all over, so we thought no campfire would be complete without some smores! Jack loved this sticky sweet treat(I was loving the baby wipes afterward)! Hope you all had a fabulous weekend doing what you love with those you love. God Bless all of the fallen soldiers and those who continue to fight to give us the freedom to enjoy days like today!

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Piechocki's said...

Choosy, mom's choose Mott's For Tots. You should submit these photos to Mott's. I know I keep going gaga over these but they are great photos.