Thursday, May 8, 2008

Old Mc"Myers" Farm

Today, Jack and I went to Coolidge(a small town outside of Phoenix)to visit our friends Janie and Rhett Myers. They have a farm with lots of fun animals, so we had quite an adventure. Janie took us on a golf cart ride around the property and Jack was in awe! He wanted to ride the tractor too, but there was too much to be seen and too little time to do it. The boys gathered eggs, chased the chickens and turkeys, had a chat with the pig and found 3 tiny kittens in a tree stump where their mommy left them protected from the heat. I stuck my hand into the hole and grabbed a little striped kitten who hissed and spit until I thought he would nearly have a heart attack! Bryan is lucky I came to my senses and didn't take the little orange one home. After a couple hours chasing the animals and playing on the swingset it was time for lunch. We headed into "town"(hee hee) and had lunch at a little place ironically called Big Wes'! Thanks for a great day guys!

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