Saturday, May 24, 2008

They Told Me This Would Happen

Well, it's official. Jack's eating has finally slowed down:( Don't get me wrong, the kid still eats better than most I know, but he is definitely slowing down. About the only thing I can be sure that he will polish off lately is peanut butter and jelly toast. Good thing its wheat bread, natural pbutter and my homemade organic raspberry peach jam. If he isn't going to eat much, the least I can do is make sure it is the best possible version available. Here are some pics of Jack enjoying his breakfast! We haven't been too busy lately. Between record highs and then 3 days of rain, we have been homebound. I am so grateful for crayons and books I can't even tell you. Jack and I saw the Three Billy Goats Gruff at the Great Arizona Puppet Theatre on Wednesday. He really seemed to enjoy himself, so I am sure we will become regulars there. I was contacted by a reporter at The Arizona Republic to be interviewed about Whole Grains from a mom's point of view. Definitely not the way I thought I would make the paper!! It should run sometime next week complete with a picture of me and Jack. Can't wait to see it. Should be something fun for his baby book!

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