Monday, May 26, 2008

Little Red Wagon Rides and a Little Bug Too!

Yesterday, Bryan, Jack and I went to our neighborhood park to burn off some energy. Jack and Bryan took turns riding Jack's wagon down the steep hills at the park. You can tell by the pics that my little guy(and my big guy) sure had a lot of fun! After doing the luge down the hill a few times, the boys moved onto the slides and jungle gym to play with the Briggs boys from down the street. Our neighborhood has tons of little boys, so there is never a shortage of "friends" to play with at the park. Jack discovered a little bug later in the morning and was so excited to let it crawl all over him. That was great entertainment until the excitement peaked to the peril of Mr. Bug!!! He took one for the team and is now sunbathing in a rosegarden in the great beyond. Poor little guy....

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