Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Under Roos at the Zoo

I think today was our last trip to the zoo until fall. It was so beautiful, 83 and breezy at the zoo. Jack and I had quite a time. Jack loves the carousel, so we had to ride it over and over again until he had his fill. I am thankful for their bracelet program that keeps us from going broke. For $8, you can get unlimited rides on the carousel, train and camel rides! A great deal considering it would cost $10 per person to do it once paying a la carte. Jack especially loved riding Josh the Camel and even thanked him with a very enthusiastic "Thank you Mr. Josh Camel!" I took Jack over to the splash pad and beach area. He was a little apprehensive about the sprinklers, so he mostly just watched the other kids get in on the action. He decided he had to ditch his camo shorts in favor of undies to get a little closer to the water. He would rather have just worn his birthday suit, but I managed to convince him that it would be better to save some things for the backyard! Whew...that was close:) The zoo was in bloom for spring and Jack was enthralled with all of the different flowers taking time to smell each one to tell me which ones smelled "boo-tiful" or icky! Finally, the day ended with a air conditioned ride home and a nap in his new bed! That's right folks! Jack now sleeps in a big boy bed. I will get some pics of his new digs and be sure to post them!

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